How to bet on football: Complete football betting guide

 We have made it easier for the experienced bettors to see which are the best online sportsbooks for betting on football, but what about the newbie's, who have no idea how to bet on football? Don't worry, we've got you covered, as well. Below you can read the complete guide to betting on football and the different options you have to place a football bet.

 Let's start by assuming that you have selected a sportsbook from our recommended list and are ready to bet on football. The first thing you would need is to check with the sportsbook the different type of sports bets accepted, the limits of your wager and how those bets work. Keep in mind that all those factors are relative to the sportsbook chosen by the bettor, hence we will not focus on explaining them. The sportsbook should have this information available to you, simply visit its website.

 When betting on the football games, you will have three betting options - the point spread, the money line and the totals. Most bookmakers will offer additional team and player betting props but we will not concern ourselves with those. We want to bet on the football games and there are only those three options above. If you chose to bet on the point spread, you will have two options - bet one or the other teams. The point spread will indicate handicap given to one of the teams and point taken from the other. You can either bet one team to cover the spread or chose the other one, but that's it. You can also bet the money line, which is the simplest form of football betting. The bettor simply wagers on which if the two football teams will win the game, the payout of the bet is expressed by the odds. This is where the new players start their betting at first, some stay on the money line for ever, it's totally up to you. And speaking of totals, the last option in football betting, also an easy one. The total is an educated guess by the odds makers to predict the total points in a football game, i.e. Team A final score + team B final score. You can either bet that the total will be OVER the one predicted by the sportsbook or UNDER the total.


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