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 If you are a wise and experienced bettor you understand the need and advantage the latest football odds and point spread numbers will give you come game time. Thanks to the good folks at the offshore sportsbook BodogLife, we are now in the position to offer you live NFL and college football odds, point spread and betting lines. The football odds below are the most recent betting lines and point spreads published by the sportsbook, however they are not real-time odds - you will have to refresh this page to get the very latest football odds. For your convenience we have divided this page into to sections - the NFL odds and point spread are on the left side and the college football odds and point spread are on the right side. You can chose to bet the football odds below by clicking on your preferred line and it will take you to the official website of the sportsbook offering those betting odds. The latest football odds on NFL and NCAAF:

NFL Odds and Point Spread College Football Odds and Point Spread


 You can learn more about the football odds by visiting out betting tips section. If there is no information being displayed when you open this page, we recommend you check the NFL odds here. A top website offering the very latest in betting lines from all football leagues, including college football and the NFL. There you will find not only great articles and tips related to football odds and point spread, but a wide variety of other football related knowledge goodies. Let us know if you are experiencing any problems viewing the NFL and college football odds on this page by sending us an email. Note that if there are no betting lines shown for specific games it simply means that the odds makers have not published their numbers on the game yet. Check back a little later or simply refresh the page.

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